This section will be used to write down quick notes about features I think of or features others have thought up...

Archery would be used for combat.

There would be multiple types of different bows. Each bow would be made of a different type of wood. The harder the wood the stronger the bow. If the bow is stronger, it can shoot farther and do more damage and is more durable etc.

A carpentry skill would make the bow. Then possibly a tailoring skill could make the string for the bow, and if your not having a tailoring skill, have another way to buy them like an NPC shop. For the arrows, you would need 1 or 2 bars (or ores if not having bars) to make the arrow head. The better the metal, the stronger the arrow and the more damage it will do. The arrowheads would be made my smiths, and then a carpenter would make the shafts and attach them to the arrows. Arrows would be made out of any type of wood, as the type of wood for an arrow doesn't really matter. The carpenter (Crafter) would assemble the arrow shaft and head for a minimal timer and little xp.

  • Possiblity* - Have feathers added to the arrows. These feathers would be obtained as drops from fighting some kinda of creatures. Feathers added to the arrows (by a carpenter or a crafter if that skill is added) would give the arrow better accuracy, in turn allowing for more damage to be done.

After a fight, when you would collect drops from the monster/creature you are fighting, you could have the possibility (5-10%?) to pick up your arrows and reuse them.

“Also a concept from Amaranthine that I LOVE is the ability to share houses and extensions on houses. It adds something to the game that syrnia doesn't and probably will never have. It makes the game more fun as you can help people out with their gardens and such just as in real life.”

Maybe have ranks or something like "Waizujin the Lumberjack" or "Waizujin the Warrior". These titles would be gotten from doing quests.

Have a pirates island off of the main island. Pirates can attack the main kingdom with ships and foot soldiers. Players can fight, or they can send NPC's. Like Syrnia.

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