Valdia can be compared to other games such as Amaranthine, Movoda, and Syrnia however it has many different features which give it a unique, fresh, and fun feel. For ease of use and to promote creativity many things are not based on real world values, and many names are names that were just made up for a certain ore or tree. This makes it easier, and also encourages creativeness.

Additionally in Valdia, unlike the other games, the skills are not as carefully balanced, this is to preserve the real world likeness. Chopping a tree wont give you the same experience in that skill as if you were mining because it requires different stats, materials, etc plus there may be a higher demand for a log than for an ore.

Another unique aspect of Valdia is that players can buy the land for a town and actually build towns. It is a fairly complex system. Some may be worriedabout there being hundreds of player made towns getting in the way, however that isn't the case in Valdia because all new towns must be approved by the King and town owners must pay taxes to the king, and must in-turn tax the people of their town to pay the taxes of the king.

Valdia is also not focused on combat, however combat is possible. Valdia focuses on a storyline and quests as much as it can as well. A progressive storyline helps make the players feel more involved, and that is just what we aim to do. Another thing Valdia aims for is to have minimal NPC interaction, we want players or staff members to play the roles of storyline characters rather than have a random NPC do it for you. That is why it will be possible for players to create "quests" for other people; they will be majorly minor tasks however.

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