Valdia is a large world of great beauty and diversity. As far as anyone can determine the world of Valdia was previously uninhabited by any human like form, which leaves many puzzled as to how the portals were created. Ahh yes, the portals; the gateway that brought humans into this splendid world. Naturally, there are theories as to how the portals were made and who or what and why humans were brought to Valdia. Some believe it were the workings of a god, or perhaps aliens however absolutely no proof has been provided.

The first human appeared over 400 years ago. The first thing he remembers seeing is the portal of which he came through. A medium sized swirling blue portal surrounded by a large stone structure with odd symbols marked all over it. The man was naked; he did not have any knowledge of his name or who he was or where he came from. However he understood a language and what things were called, such as a tree. After a time the man built a fire by the portal, one of the things he just seemed to know. After only about an hour of him starting the fire the portal appeared again and out came a woman. Just like him she had no idea as to how she got there or who she was. They both sat by the fire to stay warm as the cool night quickly approached and exchanged theories as to how and why they were put there.

It was soon noticed that a new person was arriving every hour, and then it became every half hour until they were arriving minutes after each other. They could all understand each other, seemingly knowing the language of each other automatically and each seemed to have the same knowledge as any other as if they were clones; however they each looked completely different.

Naturally, over the years people continued to come through the portal and a town named Armethalia had been built around the portal. Soon as they began to explore they discovered 8 other portals and groups of people around each. Soon the trees were cleared and paths were made between the towns and people began to accept their life in this new strange world.

As you enter the world of Valdia, over 400 years from the time of the first human to inhabit the world, you have the same knowledge as the first man to arrive on the island and you have no knowledge of your name or where you came from. You are quickly integrated into society thanks to kind people who help you on your journey and you join everyone else in their quest to answer the questions on every ones mind.

Where did I come from?

What are these portals?

Why am I here?

Who am I?

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